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Empowered Girl Series creates a safe space for girls to be mentored, educated & informed on Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health, develop the personal, social and athletic leadership skills necessary that will motivate and inspire them to secure a better future.
Empowered Girl Series provides an amazing, holistic experience for teen girls that will leave them feeling empowered, mindful, and ready to take on the world.
It is designed to provide creative and engaging opportunities for girls to meet and interact with distinguished women with proven track records of success in their respective fields. This platform will motivate the girls to advance their education, and unlock their boundless potential.
Thematic areas to address during the program.

1. Sexual and Reproductive Health Education.

2. Sexual coercion, sexual violence, and transactional sex.

3. Teen pregnancy.

4. Skill acquisition after child birth for a sustainable future.

5. Mentorship.

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Date:Mar 2020
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Date:Mar 2020