Empowering young women through Vocational Training.

Despite steady improvements in literacy and school enrolment rates in rural areas in Ghana over recent decades, gender disparity in economic opportunity among young people has narrowed only slightly. In Ghana, most less privileged young girls  and women migrate from deprived communities into  the cities  in search  of greener pastures  without any employable  skills  nor education.

This intervention is aimed at empowering young rural women by providing them with business and vocational skills training and supporting them in starting a business or seeking employment. It is also aimed to increase social empowerment for young women, while emphasizing the importance of engaging and involving women in community advancements.

During the vocational training, beneficiaries will also attend a life-skills training course, health-awareness classes, and classes on civic engagement. This will equip participants to fully participate in decision mking processes.

This project emphasize the fact that skills training and development is key to improving rural productivity, employability and income-earning opportunities, enhancing food security and promoting sustainable rural development and livelihoods.

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