“Young girls need mentors because they need someone who believes in them. Someone
who’ll look them in the eye, hold their hands and tell them that the sky is their limit and that
they have as many options as the boys around them. At the time when these young minds
are dreaming a thousand dreams, just one person is enough for them to start believing in
themselves,” says Shaziya Shaikh, Fellow at The Gender Lab.

Severe Malaria cases recorded amongst Children in Nzulezo

A health assessment conducted by nurses of Jodeb Foundation made the following observations; 1. Instead of dustbins, some residents dumped their solid waste in the river. 2. The community has no health facility and health professionals. 3. No access to prompt and effective treatment of malaria due to the absence of a health facility. 4. No regular and effective Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism from the district health office. 5. No proper environmental management standards are adhered to. Residents urinate, brush teeth, bath and do all manner of things in the water.