Nzulezu to host ‘Reaching the Unreached’ 2019 Project

Nzulezu to host ‘Reaching the Unreached’ 2019 Project

Nzulezu is located in the Western Region of Ghana and has a population close to 600. It is one of Ghana’s most visited tourist attractions and a unique village in the whole of West Africa.
What makes it enchanting, beautiful & unique is that the whole village is on stilts and the people live on a lake.

The only means of transportation to the village is a boat. Community members also need a boat to go about their daily activities. A boat is a necessity and a luxury for them and almost every house in the village owns a boat just like most urban dwellers uses a car as means of main transportation.
They have a school, a church, a bar, two guest houses ( Home Stay Guest House & Kasapa Guest House) and restaurant in the village. It is believed that early settlers of the village migrated from Mali as a result of war that persisted at the time.

About Project

In line with its objectives, the foundation strives to discover some of the very deprived communities in Ghana and initiate a process of reaching out to them.

Recently, our Feasibility Team presented to us a community/village (Nzulezu) that is on water.

After a meeting with community elders, it was agreed that the foundation comes to help in the following areas;
1. Education
2. Life Support Systems (clothing, shoes, bags, soaps, sanitary pads, etc,)
3. Health

In line with this, the foundation has initiated a process to reach out to Nzulezu community.
We therefore wish to invite individuals, organizations, groups, etc, for partnerships.

Nzulezu is a wonderful tourist destination but beyond tourism, there is much more to be done to help the village develop.

Pictures by: Jodebfoundation

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